Smart Access values the trust of its customers. We do our best to make your work with us convenient, comfortable and to enable you to use our products and services with peace in mind. Smart Access thanks you for your choice to buy from us and provides you with warranty on eligible products and services.

1. Returning Smart Access Covered by Warranty 

To return any product to Smart Access, you must first request RMA number by filling out RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) form on our website under the footer menu category Returns to register unworkable product.

After receiving the completed RMA form we contact you and provide to you with the RMA number for the product. Once you have the RMA, send or bring the product to the return location provided by Smart Access.  If you choose to send, repackage the product appropriately and attach the RMA number on the outside of the package, if you choose bring the product, please, deliver product at the shop where you bought it or to Smart Access office to speed-up he process of return.

We reserve the right to cancel the RMA after 30 days if the product is not received to return locations which we provide you with together with RMA number.

The service department of Smart Access will evaluate returned items to determine warranty coverage and will resolve any questions that may arise during evaluation to make a final determination. If the product is deemed not to be covered by warranty, we will contact you to determine if you would like to treat it as an out of warranty repair or the product will be returned to you back.

2. Warranty cover

The actual warranty period starts from the date of purchase from the Smart Access or from authorized dealer of Smart Access, and varies based on type of equipment. Smart Access will repair or exchange any product that failed at this time. For all warranty repairs, Smart Access will cover costs for parts of equipment, repair or software upgrade in the case when equipment failure had been caused by our omission and delivery the equipment from Smart Access to client by regular post mail.

For the purpose of fast exchanging non-working returned product on working one,   Smart Access may provide you with refurbished product that fully substitute or even exceed functionality of the returned product. To replace defective equipment on new one, Smart Access reserves up to 90 days from the original date of new product shipment from manufacturing facility. If you deliver your non-working product to our office, it may be exchanged on refurbished one on at the same day or it may take less 30 days for such an exchange, if the refurbished product in not available at the office immediately. .

3. Fast Part Exchange for the Equipment Covered by Our Warranty

After the customer applied for RMA number and received authorization for spare part exchange, the customer can quickly exchange unworkable spare part on working one at our office, if the equipment which the spare part belongs to is under our warranty. When filing out the RMA form on our website, please, provide us with copy of your receipt related to your purchase of the unworkable equipment which the spare part in question belongs to and Serial No of the equipment.  Be sure your equipment is under warranty. None or out of warranty equipment we do not cover by warranty.

For non-warranty repairs, we will provide you with a repair price that includes charges for parts, labor, standard refurbishment, and all shipping. All the repairs are warranted for 90 calendar days, if repaired product fails within the first 90 days after shipment to you, we will repair it for free. 

4. Customer Responsibility

Protecting the value of returned products or units of equipment - your responsibility.  We reserve the right to deny warranty coverage for any damage caused by failing the following packaging requirements:

-         All components must be taped by Smart Access and/or contained in their original packaging or an equivalent substitute.

-         All parts must be packed securely to prevent mechanical damage.

-         External packaging must be sufficient to protect the contents inside.

-         Include RMA number or other related information on the product and customer.   

Smart Access is not responsible for incorrect use our equipment. Our warranty covers failures due to defects in materials or workmanship which occur during normal use.

Warranty does not cover damage which occurs because of failures of the products that are not supplied by Smart Access or its authorized Service Centers. Also warranty does not cover the failures which result from alteration, misuse, abuse, neglect, faulty installation, maladjustment of user controls, improper maintenance, modification, accident or damage that is attributable to acts of Nature, War or other force major factors.

If you have any questions about our warranty or our service programs, please, contact us and we will do our best to help you.