128ch 4K Network Video Recorder SA-NVR16-128EX
128ch 4K Network Video Recorder SA-NVR16-128EX

Professional 4K Network Video Recorder SA-NVR16-128EX

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Bulid in power 128 channel 4K NVR, USB mouse, Power cord cable.


24 months

Professional 4K Network Video Recorder SA-NVR16-128EX, connects up to 128 IP video cameras with maximum resolution 3MP(2048*1536) or 64 IP video cameras with maximum resolution  3840*2160(8MP). The 4K NVR ensures simultaneous high quality transmission of up to 128 video streams from IP cameras to one screen using HDMI (or VGA) cable connection. The 4K NVR's software supports 15x digital zooming, the enlarged picture can be rendered on a screen in live mode (from real-time video stream) or playback mode (from recoding).

The 4K NVR model SA-NVR16-128EX can be accessible from local network or/and the Internet, if applicable, to control the 4K NVR and to render its live video streams on screens of the computers and/or mobile phones, which are permitted to access the NVR.

The 4K NVR can have installed only 16 HDD with max. capacity up to 6 TB. It supports Onvif protocol, it is compatible with wide variety of IP cameras. When the 4K NVR is used together with our Smart Access IP cameras, it recognizes the cameras automatically and connects with the cameras using Smart Access Plug & Play (i8s protocol)technology without any IP address assignment and without any further NVR & IP camera configuration, which are generally required.

The PoE NVR accepts different stream transmission types (Video Input), which can be chosen by a user:

  • 64 channel with Main-stream 3840*2150(8MP) - 64 IP Cameras 8 MP(2150P) or less, and 64 Sub-stream 960*576, 4 Reference frame and 1 Play-Back channel;
  • 64 channel with Main-stream 2592*1944(5MP) - 64 IP Cameras 5 MP(1944P) or less, 64 Sub-stream 960*576, 4 Reference frame and 4 Play-Back channel;
  • 128 channel with Main-stream 2048*1536(3MP) - 128 IP Cameras 3 MP(1536P) or less, and 128 Sub-stream 960*576, 4 Reference frame and 9 Play-Back channel;
  • 128 channel with Main-stream 1920*1080(Full HD) - 128 IP Cameras 2 MP(1080P) or less, and 128 Sub-stream 960*576, 4 Reference frame and 16 Play-Back channel;
Audio Input: up to 128 channel network audio input (supports IP cameras build-in audio);


  • Video Output: 2 HDMI and 2 VGA ports; 4K high resolution output;
  • Audio Output: RCA output port;
  • Network Port: 2 RJ45,10M/100M/1000M self-adaptive LAN port;
  • USB Ports: 1 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0 ports (one on front panel, two on rear panel);
  • HDD Port: 16 SATA HDD Port (inside NVR) and 2 E-SATA HDD Port at the rear panel, supports HDDs with capacity of MAX 6TB; HDDs hot-swap, RAID0, RAID1, RAID6;
  • Alarm Input/Output: 16/16 ports.

Control by Network or Internet: Internet browser;

Recording Storage: Local HDD, Network drive;

Backup Way: Support U disk, USB mobile HDD, USB DVD-RW network storage and backup;

Synchronous Recording Playback: up to 1 channel in  8MP(3840*2160), up to 4 channel 5MP(2592*1944), up to 9 channel 3MP(2048*1536) or up to 16ch 2MP(1920*1080) mode (stream type) simultaneously;

Operation Way: USB Mouse or by Network;

Operating System: Embedded LINUX operating system;

Image Code Control: Image code quality adjustable, variable bit-stream optional;

Dual Stream: Each channel can set main stream and sub stream;

Video Standard: H.265/H.264;

Monitoring Image Quality:
  • 8MP93840*2150);
  • 5MP(2592*1944);
  • 3MP(2048*1536);
  • 1080P(1920×1080);
  • 960P(1280×960);
  • 720P(1280×720);

Recording frame rate: 30fps per channel;

Total bandwidth: 300Mbps;

Image Motion Detection: For each IP Camera it is possible to set multiple detection areas, and set 6 levels of sensitivity (IP Camera Support);

Privacy Zones: For each IP Camera it is possible to set up to 4 privacy areas (IP Camera Support);

Recording Mode: Supports manual, auto, motion detection, alarm trigger recording mode;

Power Supply: ATX100-240V 300W 50-60Hz;

Working Temperature: -10?~+55?;

Working Humidity: 10%-90%;

NVR dimensions/Weight (without HDD): 437mm×483mm×143mm / 18.5kg;

Box dimensions/Weight (without HDD): 531.5mm×600mm×177.5mm / 20.0kg;

Warranty: 2 years;

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