8ch 4MP Network Video Recorder SA-DVR1-8/4
8ch 4MP Network Video Recorder SA-DVR1-8/4

8ch 4MP IP Network Video Recorder SA-NVR1-8/4

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8 channel 4MP Network Video Recorder, mouse, power adapter, CD.


12 months
Network Video Recorder SA-NVR1-8/4, light in use. Build-in with opportunity connect to it up to 8 IP CCTV Cameras in 4MP resolution.  NVR supports Onvif protocol, which will help connect to it almost all IP cameras, it also has VGA and HDMI exits for monitor or TV and can be build-in with Hard Drive up to 8 TB. The NVR model SA-NVR1-8/4 can be accessible from the local network or/and the Internet, if applicable, to control the DVR and to render its live video streams on screens of the computers and/or mobile phones, which are permitted to access it.

Multi-mode IP:
  1. 8ch 4MP for IP Cameras
  2. 4ch 5MP for IP Cameras
Codec: H.265+ /H.265 / H.264;
PlayBack: 1 ch;

  • Compression: G.711a;
  • Record mode: Manual, Alarm, Motion detection, Timing;
  • Inquire mode: Inquire by Time/Calendar/Event/Channel;
  • Storage mode HDD Storage, Network Storage;
  • Backup: Network, USB, SATA;
  • HDMI output: 1*HDMI (MAX:1080P);
  • VGA output: 1*VGA (MAX:1080P);
  • Ethernet port: 1*10/100Mbps Ethernet port, RJ45 port;
  • USB Port: 2*USB2.0 ports;
  • HDD: 1*SATA interface (Up to 8TB);
  • Temperature: 0C - + 55C;
  • Humidity: 10% -90% RH;
  • Power supply: 12V/2A;
  • Product dimensions: 255mm*236mm*45mm;
  • Box dimensions: 340mm*275mm*95mm;
  • Product weight: 1.2kg;
  • Box weight: 1.65kg
How to quick programming our NVR?

   1. How to open Guide to start quick programming your NVR?
For this, you will help the Startup wizard. It automatically comes on monitor when you turning it ON or restarting it, you also can open it manual, open short menu by click right button of your mouse on the main screen(screen, where you can watch in life all your cameras), there is the second item, it is button to open Guide. To start programming it press NEXT to open the second page.
   2. Second page - Time and Language Configuration.
First, please choose Time Zone, for Canada and US: UTC-05:00, next you will need set-up time, to all your cameras and NVR follow time for PlayBack if you will decide to take a look recorded files from your cameras. Other items on this page completely up to you.
   3. Third page - Network Test.
Here you can configure and test your Network settings, to have possibility use the mobile app on your phone to view your cameras and have the opportunity connect to your NVR by Internet Explorer or CMS(Client Management System), which you also can find at each CD disk with your IP cameras and NVR. First you please check if you connect network cable to your NVR, then press Network, it will show you all network settings to connect it to the Internet, If you will use just Mobile App and DVR to view your cameras, please tick - DHCP Enable and press OK( DVR automatically choose any free IP address in your network and will follow your Router to connect automatically to Internet..  
If you want use CMS and/or Internet browser also you should setup network settings manual by fill IP any free IP in your network and give to it Gateway and DNS server of your Router, for this please follow additional instruction.
   4.  Install Mobile App
There you will need scan QR code and download the mobile app from App Store(iPhone) or if you using Android phone from Google Play. If you don't know how to use scan code(QR) please find this mobile app on your phone's Store: XMEye. Then, when you download and install the App on your phone you can go to the NEXT step on your NVR.
   5. Add Device(DVR)
First, find downloaded mobile App in your phone and open it, find the link "Register or login Problems" please press it. there you can register your account in the cloud to have the opportunity connect to your DVR by the same account from different phones.
At the next menu choose "Register", then fill your true email address (because the app will ask you the code, which it will send on your e-mail box) and press next. Please go to your e-mail box and find there the letter, It can be on the "Spam", copy code and fill it to the form of the app and press next. Fill the form and press Register. Now you registered your login and password and you can go to the app by Login to your account. Next step, when you already inside press "+" on the right top corner of your screen, you will see the menu, which you need to fill to add your DVR to the mobile app. In the opened menu, please give any name, which you like for your Device(DVR) for example "Home", after app will show you it by this name on the Device list. The second field you will need press picture of QR code, which locates at the end of the field, now you can scan code by your phone from the monitor to which was connected DVR. If you didn't change login and password or your DVR, you can fill there Login: admin, without any password. now you ready to watch your cameras by mobile phone, please press OK. Restart the app, if you didn't find added DVR at the Device List.

How to change the Mode?

Modes for 4MP and 5MP IP cameras on the NVR.
Before changing the mode for IP cameras, be sure you connect all IP cameras to the NVR by PoE switch which is networking it and powering by single ethernet cable. Then go on the main screen of your NVR(Desktop), Press right button of your mouse, at the opened menu, choose first one - "Main Menu", then you will see categories, you will need to choose "System", find there "Digital' and open it, after this press on the icon - "Channel Type".  It will open a new window, where you can choose the type of the modes, which going to work with your IP cameras, tick the right mode 8ch IP 4MP or 4ch IP 5MP. Then when you tick right Mode, please press OK, NVR will ask you restart it, do it. If it won't ask you might don't choose other mode and you will need to go there back and choose it again. When you will restart NVR all should work automatically.

If you will have any problem to connect or programming our NVR, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.


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